Music and the Spoken Word

We Are Called - Sunday, April 7, 2019

Every person deserves to be remembered, acknowledged, and appreciated. Unfortunately, not every person is. Who among us has not felt forgotten or unnoticed at times? In many ways, modern life seems so impersonal, with more tools for communication but fewer true connections or deep relationships. Too many people feel alone, even when surrounded by a crowd.

Some 2,600 years ago, the prophet Jeremiah was called to preach repentance to the people of his day. On a good day, he was ignored. More often, he was rejected and actively opposed. But he knew he wasn’t alone. “O Lord,” he said, “thou knowest: remember me, and visit me. … Thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O Lord God of hosts” (Jeremiah 15:15–16).

In truth, there is One who will never forget us or forsake us, One who watches over all. No matter our status or history, no matter our past or present, no matter our social standing or net worth, we have infinite worth to God. Even when no one else knows what we’re going through, He knows. Even when no one else seems to remember us, He remembers.

Once you’ve felt that, it’s impossible to see yourself—or anyone else—in the same way again. Almost instinctively, you want to help others feel valued, understood, and remembered too. In that sense, each of us has been called as Jeremiah was: We are called upon to do our part to make the world a little better—one person at a time. We are called to love, to bless, and to care about others.

It’s the surest cure for feeling lonely or unappreciated. Rather than focusing on ourselves, we can notice the people around us: the good they do, the service they give, the challenges they face, the burdens they carry. Perhaps we can’t solve every problem, but if someone feels lonely, unknown, unnoticed, or unloved—we can do something about that! All it takes is answering the call to share a bit of the love God shares with us. A friendly smile, a listening ear, a kind word can be to those in need “the joy and rejoicing of [their] heart.”
April 7, 2019
Broadcast Number 4,673

The Tabernacle Choir
at Temple Square

Mack Wilberg

Andrew Unsworth

Lloyd Newell

Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise
Anonymous; arr. James C. Kasen

My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
American folk hymn; arr. Mack Wilberg

Be Thou My Vision
Irish melody; arr. Andrew Unsworth

Called to Serve
Walter G. Tyler; arr. Mack Wilberg

Love Is Spoken Here
Janice Kapp Perry; arr. Sam Cardon

For I Am Called by Thy Name
Crawford Gates

Arise, O God, and Shine
John Darwell; arr. Mack Wilberg