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Three Things for a Happy New Year - Sunday, December 31, 2017

As one year winds down and another begins, itís natural to look backóand at the same time look forward. In fact, reflecting for a moment on the past can be a great way to anticipate what lies ahead. Just as most successful retailers take periodic inventories, determining what sold, what didnít, and what needs to change, we too would do well to take stock of our lives.

What was good and not so good about this past year? What worked, and what didnít? What did we learn or accomplish, and how did we improve? What plans and promises does the new year hold?

Certainly, this year we all want to find happiness and contentment. We all seek a meaningful and worthwhile life. We want to have a good year.

Thereís no shortage of advice on how to find happiness. But hereís a thought that seems to capture its essence. Itís been said that happiness includes three things: someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to.1

First, happiness means loving, caring, and reaching out to others. Happiness and love are close companionsóthe love we receive and especially the love we give. It may not always be easy, and it may not always be returned or appreciated, but love changes our outlook and our heart.

Second, happiness finds something to doósomething purposeful and meaningful. One person found that volunteering and giving back to the less fortunate always made him feel more fortunate and grateful. Another found that taking classes and continuing to learn makes her better able to help those around her. Itís not more busyness we seek but more meaningful ways to make a difference.

And finally, happiness has something to look forward toóno matter how small. Happy people are optimistic. They believe thereís always something good coming. Itís usually something simple and down to earth: getting together with good people, laughing with a friend, a sunrise or a sunset, the changing of the seasons and the sky. All these and more give us reasons to rejoice and look ahead.

So love, do, and look forward, and you are sure to find a happy new year.

-Lloyd D. Newell

1. See George W. Burnap, Sphere and Duties of Woman, 2nd ed. (1848), 99.

December 31, 2017
Broadcast Number 4,607

Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Orchestra at Temple Square
Bells on Temple Square

Mack Wilberg

Richard Elliott

Lloyd Newell

I Think the World Is Glorious
Alexander Schreiner; arr. Mack Wilberg

Look to the Day
John Rutter

The Impossible Dream, from Man of LaMancha
Mitch Leigh; arr. Arthur Harris

Praise and Thanksgiving (Morning Has Broken)
Dale Wood

Toccata Ritmica
Michael Joy

Song for a New Year
R. Ross Boothe

Fill the World with Love, from Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Leslie Bricusse; arr. Mack Wilberg