Music and the Spoken Word

Set Free - Easter Message - Sunday, April 16, 2017

One spring, a robin built her nest in a wreath that hung on a family’s front door. The mother bird flew to and from her nest many times a day. But one time, the bird came in for a landing just as the front door opened. Instead of finding her nest, she flew right into the house!
At first, the family was delighted with their unexpected visitor. But when they realized just how frightened and frantic the bird was to find her way out, they did all they could to set her free. Unfortunately, all their attempts to help the bird only seemed to make the situation worse. The robin didn’t realize they were trying to help, so she flew farther away from them and deeper into the house, getting more and more distraught. Things were starting to get hopeless for the poor robin. She simply could not find her way to freedom.
And then one of the family’s young children had a brilliant idea. He shut all the windows and doors, and he turned off all the lights inside the house. Then he opened the front door as wide as possible and turned on the porch light. Within seconds, the bird found her way to freedom. The boy had both shown her the way and set her free.
Have you ever felt like that bird? Have you ever felt trapped in your circumstances—as though you had exhausted all your options and there was no way out? Then the message of Easter is for you. Easter is a celebration of the Light of the World, who shines in the darkness to show the way to freedom. He sets the captives free. He gives hope to the disheartened and peace to the weary. He provides a way for us to live more abundantly now and everlastingly hereafter.
The message of Easter is a message of freedom: victory over death, freedom from doubt and despair, and the bright light of hope—hope that good will ultimately conquer evil, that all wrongs will be righted, and that we will be set free to live again.
-Lloyd D. Newell

April 16, 2017
Broadcast Number 4,570

Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Orchestra at Temple Square
Bells on Temple Square

Light the Way

Mack Wilberg

Bells Conductor
LeAnna Willmore

Bonnie Goodliffe

Lloyd Newell

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
Anonymous; arr. Mack Wilberg

Rejoice, the Lord Is King
Malcolm Archer

That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright
German hymn tune; arr. Mack Wilberg

All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
Oliver Holden; arr. John Longhurst

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
Lowell Mason; arr. Joel Raney; adapted by Arnold B. Sherman

Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise
Robert Williams; arr. Mack Wilberg

Hallelujah, from Messiah
George Frideric Handel