Music and the Spoken Word

What Can You Do? – Sunday, June 29, 2014

In an elementary school classroom filled with energetic children, the teacher asks the students to respond to two questions. The first question is “What do you like most about living in America?” The answers come quickly: the beautiful land and scenery, the lakes and mountains, the many things to do and see, the freedom, the people, and on and on. After the children finish their responses, the teacher asks a second and more important question: “So what can you do to make America better?”

It’s one thing to appreciate America’s history and uniqueness and marvel at its beauty and prosperity; it’s another thing to take an active part in preserving its strengths, perpetuating its ideals, and defending the values it holds dear. America is best loved up close and personal, not at a detached distance. And, of course, while extraordinary, America is not without vexing problems and concerns. But a country doesn’t have to be perfect to be beloved. In fact, our love for our country is what inspires us to find ways to overcome its flaws and shortcomings. And one thing we love so much about America is the freedom and opportunity it grants us to tirelessly pursue improvement and progression.

We make our nation better by getting informed and involved in good causes, by working together despite our differences, by helping each other and lifting those around us.

As a nation, we will remain strong and free if we constructively work to improve our communities. We will continue to stand as a light of liberty for the world if we uphold the values and principles upon which this nation was founded.

True patriots are those who cherish freedom and do their part to improve and strengthen the land they love. We would do well to answer the question posed to the schoolchildren: “What can you do to make it better?”